Are you ready to make incredible progress in learning Floriani FTCU?

Are you ready to digitize your own creative embroidery designs?

Join the Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club!

Learn to master the Floriani FTCU and create beautiful embroidery designs.

What Is the Membership Club
& What Can It Do For You?

Hey, I am Paula and I am creator of the Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club!

For the past 10 years I have been using the Floriani FTCU software and creating my own embroidery designs.

I have spent hours, days, weeks and eventually months and years teaching myself to digitize.

During this time and completely for fun, I started teaching digitizing to a group of my 3 close friends.

Embroidery Gatherings was born and together, we have spent 7 years learning to digitize embroidery and growing our skills together.

And, now you can belong to our Membership group too!


The Membership Club has 3 Learning Levels

Choose the Level that Best Fits your Learning Style

Independent - Learning level

The Independent Learning level is for those who are comfortable learning on their own and just need to have FTCU step-by-step written tutorials to follow at their leisure.

The Independent Learning level includes the following:

  • You get Immediate Access to over 75 Lessons and Videos
  • Your Membership Content Includes: written Lessons, Videos, Monthly Projects, etc.
  • You can Download and Save all of the PDF detailed step-by-step Written Lessons
  • You will have Unlimited Access to Members Community Q&A Forum
  • You will Receive New Lessons Throughout Each Month
  • You can Explore the Learning Roadmap and Follow Your Own Independent Journey
  • Email Support: Get quick answers for your technical questions about digitizing and the FTCU workspace or questions about your membership

Guided - Learning level

The Guided Learning level is for those who have no idea where to start and want a Guide Plan to show them the way.

The Guided Learning level includes  ALL of the above items PLUS the following:

  • You get a "Where to Start" step-by-step Detailed Guide to Follow Your Learning Path
  • Email Support: You get a higher level of email support to answer your digitizing questions about techniques and detailed guidance on where to find the answers within the lessons

Coaching-Masterclass - Learning level

The Coaching-Masterclass Learning level is for those who would like to have individualized one-on-one help in learning to digitize with FTCU. 

The Coaching-Masterclass Learning level includes  ALL of the above items PLUS the following:

  • You get individualized lessons and videos created just for you to help answer your questions while learning to digitize
  • Email Support: You get a higher level of email support to answer your digitizing questions about specific designs that you are working on

Great...How can I Join?

Right now, in this very moment,

you have the chance to gain instant access to ongoing support and

get started learning to digitize your own embroidery designs!

Member Testimonies

"Being a part of the Membership Club has made my FTCU program so much easier to learn! I have enjoyed having all the lessons and appreciate all the details. I’ve become more confident in my digitizing skills and can't wait for new lessons each month! I am so excited that I have learned so much!
London, UK
"Thanks so much for your lessons. I was so frustrated after I purchased FTCU because I could not make sense of anything. You make what looks to be impossible so easy to understand. I am a beginner who wants to eventually sell my designs. And now, I am going to be able to do that!"
Colorado Springs
"I am very happy that I made the move to become member of the Embroidery Gatherings Club. The step-by-step written lessons were the main reason I did so. My goal was to learn to digitize designs for my family and I have learned so much. Thanks for all your hard work, I am very grateful for your help"


How long do I have access to the Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club?

Your membership plan lasts for 12 months from the day you join. At that time, you can choose to renew your membership. No matter whether you renew or not, you can keep all of your PDF written lessons!


Who is the Membership designed for?

The Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club is geared towards crafters,  business owners and creatives who need help with:

  • Learning and understanding how to use all the digitizing tools in the Floriani FTCU software

  • Resizing and Editing purchased designs

  • Digitizing your own images into embroidery designs