Who We Are.

Embroidery Gatherings started as a whim and has grown into a full-time business. I am excited to be able to share this experience with my two children, who have recently jumped on-board, and it has now become a Family Business.

A Little About Me

Embroidery, in my life, has been magic.

I remember as a little girl, in a small town, surrounded by a big loving family, sitting for hours watching my Grandmother craft with care from simple threads, the most intricate designs. Creating beauty on my simple dresses. Making me feel special.

My passion for embroidery started early but has been a constant throughout my life. When I started my own family, I worked my days as an elementary school teacher, loving my job and then spending the majority of my nights sewing, embroidering and creating my own unique designs for my family, students, friends and neighbors.

When my kids moved on to high school, my passion lead me into a new adventure in retail. Although completely inexperienced and learning as I went, I opened my own retail gift store, selling and wholeselling my own unique embroidered and appliqued gift line. After 10 years, I closed my store and began working for a large retail company, as a store manager. I continued to design and create personal projects but now with the additional longing to follow my other acquired passion – teaching others.

During my time spent in retail, I was introduced to embroidery digitizing and multiple digitizing softwares including Floriani Embroidery Software. I was immediately hooked with digitizing my own designs. I spent hours, days, weeks and eventually months and years teaching myself to digitize. During this time and completely for fun, I started teaching digitizing to a group of my 3 close friends. Embroidery Gatherings was born and together, we have spent 7 years learning to digitize embroidery and growing our skills together.

Embroidery Gatherings worked for us. Now I have a new bigger goal, I want to share Embroidery Gatherings with everyone I can reach and use the online world to create and teach a community of like-minded people the magic of embroidery.

For the past 2 years, I have been doing just that. Embroidery Gatherings has reached so many people and grown so much during that time. In order for me, to continue to focus on creating new lessons, I have added an Embroidery Gatherings Team. My two children and I have been a team for many years. And now, they have decided to jump on-board and make it a family business. It warms my heart and I am really excited about our future plans.

Wherever you are in your embroidery journey, I’m here, to support you and help you realize your creative goals, whether they may be to create your own unique art for family and friends or to start your own business and share your creativity with the world.

Are you ready to learn to create your own embroidery designs? I would love for you to join the fun. You can find out more about the Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club here!

Have questions? Need to contact me? Just fill out this form and I will get back to you ASAP!

Embroidery Gatherings Team


Michael, Paula, Lillian

Mom, Grandma, Owner


Marketing Manager



Social Media Manager

*Embroidery Gatherings was created in remembrance of my father, to heal the pain in my heart from his passing and is dedicated to my children, Michael and Krista, who inspire me every day and whom I love with every bit of my soul.